For the past seven years, ITAC has participated in Manufacturing Day, in an effort to highlight the importance of the manufacturing sector to the economy. Last year, ITAC partnered with NYC Small Business Services, the Workforce Development Institute and Boyce Technologies to host a forum focused on the Power of Apprenticeships. Senior executives from manufacturing companies across NYC as well as actual apprentices highlighted how manufacturers across the country are growing and retaining a skilled workforce; and how apprentices can move into solid, middle-class jobs with significant opportunities for advancement. Outdated perceptions vs. current opportunities linked to manufacturing careers were also addressed.

This year, the focus is on the ever-changing Fashion Manufacturing industry, with our panel of experts discussing emerging business models that manufacturers are now adopting to succeed in NYC; as well as the increased awareness around equity and inclusion that we are witnessing in a variety of forms, from minority and size-inclusion, to labels targeting specific communities (e.g. LGBTQ, religious groups).

NYC’s Fashion Manufacturing Industry is Changing:

Please Join Us For Thought-Provoking Discussions Around Emerging Business Models + Equity & Inclusion 

Firms in the fashion and apparel industry are adapting their business models to respond to radical changes in the market ranging from shifting consumer preferences toward customization, to automation and nearshoring. With retailers reducing their footprint, competition fiercer than ever among both new and existing players, and hard-to-predict consumer demand, apparel companies are determining how to be most agile and competitive while remaining focused on sustainability. Our first panel will focus on local companies that have adopted specific business models to put their customers’ experience front and center and secure a share of their wallet. As for our second panel, the focus will be on authentic (not the checking off the box type) Equity and Inclusion. Our panelists will discuss how they are doing their part in ensuring broader representation in the fashion world, what milestones have been reached, and why the industry still has a long way to go. Finally, five factories -- H.L Helen Apparel, M&S Schmalberg, New York Embroidery Studio, Stoll NYC and Sunrise Studio -- will be offering guided tours of their operations right after the panel discussions.

Speakers Include:

More speakers will be announced soon.

This event will:

  • Highlight the business models that are emerging in light of the radical changes affecting the fashion industry 

  • Provide awareness of the opportunities and challenges surrounding Equity and Inclusion

  • Offer registered participants guided tours of Garment District factories

  • Provide networking opportunities for manufacturing companies, designers, students and other resources

  • Celebrate National Manufacturing Day, dispel outdated myths about manufacturing, inspire a new generation of manufacturers, and promote additional local events focused on showcasing good jobs and viable career pathways.